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Finnish Doll House Association welcomes international members!

Finnish Doll House Association Nukkekotiyhdistys ry has decided the postage fees for international members for 2019! Membership fee, 30 euros, is the same as for members living in Finland but due to higher postal costs we have an additional postage fee for international members.

Postage fee for members inside EU: 12 euros per year (in total 42 euros per year)
Postage fee outside EU: 15 euros per year (in total 45 euros a year)

Note that this is only the case when you join before the posting of the first magazine! If you join in the middle of the year, you can still get all the magazines, but the postal costs will be counted case by case for the magazines already published.

How to join?
Fill in the membership form in
The site is in Finnish but the form is simple and translated here:
Etunimi = Given name*
Sukunimi = Family name*
Sähköpostiosoite = Email Address
Matkapuhelinnumero = Mobile phone number
Lähiosoite = Street Address*
Postinumero = Postal Code*
Postitoimipaikka = Town/City*
Kunta = Municipality
Maakunta = Province (State)
Maa = Country

Fields marked with * are obligatory. Please fill in all the parts necessary for the post to find you! We'll need your email address to send the membership fee bill.

How can I pay the membership fee?
We will send you the bill for membership and postage when we have accepted your membership (which can take a little time as we are all volunteers). If it's easy for you to pay via bank transfer to an IBAN account, then you can do just that. If it's not possible, but you could pay by PayPal, send us email at nukkekoti(a) and let's see what we could do! At the moment we don't have a web shop where you could pay with a debit/credit card but with a bank card you should be able to found a PayPal account. It's safe and works internationally.

What is included in the membership fee?
You will get our Magazine, Nukkekoti (Dollhouse) five times a year (February, April, June, September, November). Each quality magazine has about 50 pages of articles, crafting instructions, reviews on books and exhibitions, prints - and of course a lot of photos on amazing Finnish miniatures! From 2019, each magazine will have a spread in English with a summary of each major article. We occasionally arrange meetings, courses, workshops and exhibitions in Finland where you of course are welcome to participate in whenever possible!
Nukkekoti's editor in chief is Hanna Meronen and maker-up Anna Wegelius.

Questions? Send us email: nukkekoti(a) and we'll try answer the best we can!

We welcome all international members!

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